Foster Dog Sponsorship

We are extremely grateful to each and every one of our sponsors and donors!

We are continually faced with an ever increasing number of dogs who are ill, handicapped, or need expensive veterinary care before being placed.  Without the generosity of our caring sponsors, we could not continue to provide help for those who need it most.

You can become a sponsor by clicking the green "SPONSOR ME" button on each dog's profile, or by visiting our donation site.

Each gift you give is sincerely appreciated and responsibly spent in caring for and preparing dogs for their new homes.

Platinum Sponsors

Active Sponsors

Kirsten Orlin December 31, 2017

Gold Sponsors

Active Sponsors

Margaret Brady September 23, 2017

Silver Sponsors

Active Sponsors

Jenn Wiles December 14, 2017
Jessica Reich November 15, 2017
Teresa Meerdter August 21, 2017
Jarrod Walpert July 10, 2017
Raul F. Avila Perez April 20, 2017
Karen Gagne April 6, 2017
Joanne Dooley March 9, 2017
Margaret Lyons April 18, 2013

Bronze Sponsors

Active Sponsors

Amanda Alvey-Devito November 28, 2017
Mary Ann Roditus October 7, 2017
Michael Simbrom July 26, 2017
Christine Allen July 4, 2013
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