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Providence, RI
Boston Terrier
9 years
25 lbs
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Mr. Fenway has been through a lot in his 10 year of life, but remains focused on the important things in life. Toys, ripping the stuffing out of toys, snuggling in a fuzzy blanket, and have we mentioned toys?

He's had some difficulty with his eyes recently, and one had to be removed due to an ulcer that just wouldn't heal. He has poor sight in his other eye from a cataract and is on nightly eye drops to slow its development!

Since his eyesight has gotten worse, Fenway has developed a startle reflex and has bitten people. His issue is purely fear based from not being able to see who's approaching him, or not knowing them.

Fenway is very loving and loyal when he feels safe. He just has a lot of trouble trusting new people and places. Whoever adopts him should have experience with fear aggression and shouldn't expect to expose him to strangers very often. He loves running around outside so a fenced in yard is on his wish list (but he's trying not to be picky)! 

He needs a calm and patient family who will get his attention verbally first, and approach him slowly. His foster mom says he can be a handful, but once he knows everyone in the household, and is in a routine he's a fantastic dog. Once he knows you, he'll demand you play, and shower you with kisses.   

He must be muzzled and then sedated for all vet appointments, and a muzzle should be used when in public, having guests and in unfamiliar environments. He also can not be placed in a home with young children, cats, and dogs (a rare case of an extremely submissive, quiet dog might be considered).

That sounds like a lot but he is truly a wonderful little man once he gets to know you, and he is very healthy. He only requires eye drops, sticking to just his food, and avoiding human food or treats, and vising an ophthalmologist every 4 months to monitor his eye. Fenway is completely house trained, doesn't mind being home alone for many hours, and never destroys furniture. He would prefer not to be confined to a room or crate, and will wait patiently for his family to return home.

He has such a loving and playful personality. When he is around his foster family, he can almost always be found snuggled on someone's lap, licking someone's face, or dropping a ball in their lap and doing a little dance until they throw it to him. He is never boring and they are enjoying fostering him immensely. His foster mom just knows there is a perfect family out there for him!  If it's you, submit a SNORT adoption application today!

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