Croqueta and Pimienta

Croqueta and Pimienta
Pug fans, look at this cuteness overload! Croqueta and Pimienta (Spanish for Croquet and Pepper) arrived at SNORT the end of July along with their housemates Pacienta and Chuleta due to a death in the family. These girls were beloved family members and are once again looking for true love with the help of S.N.O.R.T.
Croqueta (brindle pug) and Pimienta (fawn pug) are a bonded pair ages 5 and 7, looking to be adopted together. Croqueta is the calming influence over her more active older sibling. Both girls know hand signals for stay and come and simply love human companionship, especially couch time with their favorite person.
Croqueta has a medical condition in which her saliva has caused dental decay and she has had several extractions as a result. She is a slow eater, but can eat soft treats and softened kibble just fine. Her favorite new toy is a purple dinosaur.
Pimienta is the ‘pug supervisor’ of the house and keeps a keen eye on household activity…especially if you are in the kitchen. She has set a goal of loosing a few ounces while in foster care and thus far is struggling to get her head around the concept of dieting. She is food driven and is known to steal kibble from her smaller sibling if given the opportunity. This pair is spayed and up to date on vaccines. They will receive wellness checks and ongoing medical maintenance as needed while at S.N.O.R.T.
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