Dapper Mister Darby is an approximately 7 year old English Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix who was re-surrendered to SNORT after his original adopters brought a new dog home, which caused conflict with Darby. Mr. Darby is very loyal to his people, but he must be the only dog in the home.
This highly intelligent, active boy loves to please his people but also requires a strong leader who will give him guidance and provide structure and consistent routine in Darby’s life. Without proper guidance, Darby can become stressed and unsure of unfamiliar people and situations. His stress has manifested itself in incidents of lunging and growling. Darby’s new owners will be required to sign a bite waiver, due to a past nipping incident with a child. Darby’s new home should be one with no other dogs, cats or children. A fenced-in yard is not recommended, as Darby is much better with his trusted person by his side to give him comfort and guidance. He walks well on a leash and thrives on having his person’s full attention.
Darby is playful and silly. He loves to play soccer and chase the water spray from a hose. He will settle down to sleep at his people’s feet at night. Darby does not have any known medical problems and does not take any prescription medications other than regular heartworm preventative; however, his foster parent has started him on a routine of CBD oil to help with his anxiety.
Darby’s new home should be one in a quiet setting, as urban or busy environments can be stressful for him. He is also stressful when placed in a crate, so his new home should have a space where he can be left uncrated but feel safe and comfortable. Darby is looking for an owner who understands that dogs need someone who can be the leader and provide an environment of security. He will be a faithful, loyal, trusting companion to the person who has patience with him, shows him the way, allows him some time to get comfortable in his new environment and provides a consistent routine and structure in his life.
Darby would be an excellent work companion, as long as he is properly and slowly introduced to new people. Darby seems to feel more comfortable in the presence of men than women. His foster Mom envisions Darby working alongside a man who is a mechanic or tradesman who works in a shop environment where there are not a lot of outside visitors coming in and Darby can be with his person all day. Darby would be okay staying home while his owner works, if his owner is able to come home during the day to take Darby out. A dog walker would not be recommended, unless Darby is given time to meet and become familiar and comfortable with that person.
Darby has a lot of love to give and will be a very loyal companion and great hiking buddy for an active person who has the time to devote to giving Darby the attention and guidance that he so craves. Darby’s first adopter gave up on him when his anxiety was triggered by the introduction of a new dog into his home. He deserves a chance to show his new person what a great, fun, loyal, sweet boy he can be. If you are looking for an active, loyal companion and you are able to provide structure, routine and training to a strong, athletic dog, then please submit a SNORT adoption application for Darby today!