SNORT’s Vegas may not be up for a wild night out in Vegas, but he is ready for a forever home! He is One of a Kind betting on a Full House to call his own.

This 10-year-old Boston Terrier would make the perfect addition to just about home. Vegas is up for almost anything and is one laid-back little dude. He’s more than happy to curl up for a good nap and he’s also fully on board with a game of fetch or playtime with his beloved stuffed toys.

Vegas is fully housetrained, as one would expect from a true gentleman, and has no health issues! His stomach doesn’t handle human food well but as long as he’s kept on a high-quality dog food, he’s good to go.

He is a-okay with both dogs and cats and while he is untested with kids, he would likely do just fine in a home with older children (because of his age he may not be on board with the energy of toddlers). As long as he has a place to nap and a willing playtime participant, he’s perfectly content!

Due to his age, his forever home would ideally have limited stairs but other than that, he has no real requests for his new home. Apartment, home, city, suburbs – all fine by him! While he can be left alone during the day, he would make the most excellent work companion if his humans work outside the home.

Vegas appreciates the simple things in life and can’t wait to settle down in his forever home so be sure to fill out an adoption application! Vegas is currently being fostered near Providence, R.I.