Vincent Praline Van Pug

Vincent Praline Van Pug
Mr. Vincent Praline Van Pug and his brother, Mr. Theo Pepperpots Van Pug, entered S.N.O.R.T. after their elderly owner went into a nursing home. These two boys were aptly named after brothers Vincent and Theo Van Gogh and are estimated to be around 10 years old.
Theo and his brother, Vincent, lived their entire lives in a basement and came to SNORT never having seen a vet. Sadly, Theo passed away in March. His unexpected passing was a shock to us all and our hearts are still hurting from the loss of this special little man.
Vincent is thoroughly enjoying having all the comforts of home instead of a basement. He enjoys walks and the feeling of sunshine on his face. He is as sweet as molasses and loves everyone he meets – including adults, kids and other dogs. He also gets along with cats!
Vincent has been treated for ear infections and is working hard on his potty training. For now he wears a belly band and gets lots of treats as he learns the ropes of house training.
Vincent surely deserves a better life than what he experienced prior to coming to SNORT and we are dedicated to helping him receive the best care. Please consider donating to Vincent’s ongoing medical care by clicking one of the above buttons.