Molly Popular


About Me!

Needs a Home WITHOUT
  • Other Dogs
  • Cats
  • Small Children
Washington, D.C,
Boston Terrier
6 years
28 lbs
Adoption Fee:


Have you ever heard of a dog who makes faces at you when she has to go potty? You have now! Miss Molly is a hilarious young lady, unique in ways that will keep you in stitches more often than not.
An exceptionally well-mannered girl in her home, she is meticulous about not having any accidents and can be safely let out of her crate when you’re not at home. But of course, she prefers the company of her humans, going from room to room, making sure she knows where they are at all times.
Molly is a classic cuddle-dog and loves her time with humans on the couch. But beware, she also has a passion for places warmed by a human butt, so if you get up, you’ll probably find a mound of brown and white fur happily curled up in what was your spot.
If you have other dogs, Molly is not the dog for you. In fact, even on leash she becomes aggressive when she comes upon another dog. Biting is a part of this, and, though she shows no tendency towards biting her humans, if you find yourself trying to break up a fight, you may also end up with a bite.
Molly would be happiest in a suburban, adults-only home with a big, fenced-in back yard where she can roam and play to her heart’s content.
If you want a healthy, hilarious, independent, loving, cuddle machine, our Molly is the dog for you. Her foster Mom says it best:
“Molly’s forever home will be incredibly lucky to have her and she’ll be lucky to get a family that can give her a space where she can relax, free of the stress of being around other dogs.”

If you have a big heart and a fenced yard, then plese fill out an adoption application today.

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