We are extremely grateful to each and every one of our sponsors and donors!

We are continually faced with an ever increasing number of dogs who are ill, handicapped, or need expensive veterinary care before being placed.  Without the generosity of our caring sponsors, we could not continue to provide help for those who need it most.

You can become a sponsor by making a selection from the “Become a Sponsor” box and clicking the Subscribe button.

Each gift you give is sincerely appreciated and responsibly spent in caring for and preparing dogs for their new homes.


  • Sponsor a foster with an automatically recurring monthly donation.
  • Your name will be listed as a Sponsor on our sponsorship page.
  • You may request that your donations are used towards a specific dog’s care.
  • You may designate your sponsorship as a gift in honor of, or a donation in memory of an individual of your choice.

Please note that if you choose to sponsor a foster that finds a forever home, your future scheduled donations will be used to help other fosters in our care.


  • Platinum Sponsors

  • Gold Sponsors

    Kevin Striker
    April M Craft

  • Silver Sponsors

    Elizabeth Farley
    Madison Courtney
    Beenish yasin
    Sarah Trahan
    Elba V Rivera Solomon
    Blake Gingerich
    Victoria Herrera
    A Peace of Hart
    Robert Hanlon
    Jessica R Soderbeck
    Lori Marano
    James Curra
    Jessica R Soderbeck
    Carin DeSimone
    Margaret Lyons
    Theresa Babuscio

  • Bronze Sponsors

    Heidi Carlson
    Independent Consultanr
    Jessica R Soderbeck
    Kendra Crafts
    Nina Gauthron
    cisco watson
    Crystle Sisk
    Leah Gates
    Christy Thomas
    Cheryle Brady
    Louisa Grauel
    Joyce Rubinsohn
    Nadine M Kern
    Kyle Roelofs
    Linda Van Duzer
    Mary Ann Roditus
    T. R. Robertson Fine Art Studio
    Hillary Blackman
    Danilo Diaz
    matt knopf
    Rebekah Abrams
    Sarah Pouria
    Filomena Monteiro
    Joyce Rubinsohn
    Suzanne Finger

  • Recurring Monthly Donors

    Ngoc Ly
    Marilyn Homer
    Sarah Pouria
    Laura Braden
    antoinette poindexter

SNORT is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization – Federal Tax ID: 45-2303247
Donor list last updated: September 12, 2020