The dogs listed below are not yet ready for adoption. They are receiving necessary behavioral and/or medical treatments in their foster home. Applications for these dogs cannot be submitted for them at this time. Please consider making a donation or becoming a virtual foster to contribute to their expensive care!

Please Note: We may determine a previous applicant to be a are a better match for one of our fosters, rather than the dog that they were originally interested in. For this reason, foster dogs are occasionally adopted directly from their foster home to pre-approved adopters and may never be listed on the adoptable dogs page

Forever Fosters (Hospice Dogs)

Our Forever Fosters rely on hospice foster homes to open their hearts to dogs who will not ever leave. As you can imagine, it takes a very selfless, compassionate, and strong foster to do this. We truly appreciate our amazing foster homes who are committed to caring for and loving our Forever Fosters!

The dogs below will remain in a SNORT foster home for the remainder of their lives and will not be available for adoption at any time.