Ahna was saved from China after having lived her 5 years in a cage. Her foster mother expected a frightened, skittish dog – what she got instead was a loving, loyal, human-obsessed English Bulldog who has no idea how big she is. That’s right, Ahna is passionate about human laps, and if one is available, she is in it.

She will be totally happy to be a couch decoration, but she also has spurts of energy where she loves running around the yard like a wild thing. Housebreaking is a work in progress, but she is food motivated and her canine siblings also encourage her to develop her new potty habit. Ahna is about 75% there. She is also friendly and outgoing with everyone she meets, but she can also be submissive and laid back.

Despite her precarious past, this EBD is in excellent health except for being very itchy and having goopy eyes. Both of these issues are being treated successfully.

Her favorite toy? Her humans! Walking with them, cuddling with them, playing with them, just being with them – this is Ahna’s bliss! Don’t forget car rides – she loves those, too.

Because she is such an amazingly adaptable dog, she will do well in any environment, as long as with people who are kind, loving, and will give her lots of time and attention.

Says her foster Mom:

I want her to have the perfect home and best life. When I picked Ahna up, from the start she was the biggest love bug and cuddler. All she wants is your attention and love. She follows me everywhere and is a great listener. She is great with kids, dogs, and cats. She is the most perfect girl and loves belly rubs and sleeping on the couch. If you think you would be a match made in heaven, please fill out an application to S.N.O.R.T today!