Al Pugacino

Al Pugacino

They are wrinkles…not scars. Al Pacino is Scarface. I’m the other Al with a desirable wrinkled face. I’m very proud of my wrinkles and my furrowed brow so please do not confuse wrinkles with scars. I’m trying to keep it straight myself. I was surrendered by my previous owner and now live near Philadelphia PA with my foster mama and 3 other SNORT foster dogs! I also live with Miss Frannie, but she’s a Frenchie and a girl. I especially love my step-sibling, Maxwell and would love to have another pug in my adoptive family. My scars, ah, I mean WRINKLES, were sore and infected when I first entered SNORT, so I needed to have antibiotics to make them feel better. I do require twice daily wrinkle cleanings, as well as regular maintenance ear cleanings due to allergies and the risk of future infections.

My favorite activities include being with people 24/7, and of course lounging with Maxwell the pug. Since people are my #1 priority, I would love to find a permanent home with a person who either works from home, or is retired. I’m a 13 year old 26 pound retiree myself. I envision whiling away the hours as you read, or work at your desk (with me resting my head on your feet of course). Later in the day, I would certainly allow time for brief squeaky toy play & fetch followed by a nap on the fleece blanky and we could certainly top off my day with pug’s massage. Ah, life is good as I daydream about my future. My perfect dream home consists of adults only, or children over 5. I’m also hoping to find a pug enthusiast with at least one other resident pug with whom I can snuggle. I have only one dislike: I do not like other dogs near my food bowl. We can be best buddies any other time of the day.

As many retirees, I do have arthritis. I take Gabapentin and Rimadyl but have difficulty with weakness in my legs, which may likely be a disc issue. A forever home without stairs, or with a person willing to carry me up and down the stairs is important. I can’t walk very far, so a home or apartment in the suburbs with a yard is better than city life for this mister. I’m never going to rack up 10,000 steps on my fitbit. If you happen to be a nurse or a physical therapist, I’m even willing to try leg exercises with your help. As long as I’m with my person, my world is fulfilled. I’m enthusiastic about neighborhood strolls, with foster mom pushing my pet stroller. I ride well in the stroller and enjoy the sights and smells of the outdoors. Sometimes nice people stop to pet me, which is an extra bonus.

I am housetrained and up to date with vaccines. I’m also neutered, microchipped and have very clean, pugnificent wrinkles.

If you are as fond of my wrinkles as I am, and are looking for a senior to dote upon and be your constant companion, fill out a S.N.O.R.T. adoption application to be my new pug parent!