**Please note that a bite waiver will be required as part of Anthony’s adoption.

Please give a warm S.N.O.R.T. welcome to Anthony. This five-year-old, 24 lb, boy came to us after his owner passed away.

This sweet little boy loves nothing more than to cuddle and relax on the couch. He’s a bit shy, so it will take him some time to warm up. But all good things to come to those who wait because once he’s comfortable, he’ll be all over you! In typical Velcro Frenchie fashion, Anthony will drape himself across your lap and sneak in some kisses. His tongue doesn’t quite fit in his mouth, so be ready for a kiss attack! A quirk of his is to sit straight up on his bottom when he’d like some belly rubs.

Anthony isn’t so energetic and would be fine with a daily walk. Even though he’s a couch potato, he enjoys playtime. He loves small soft balls. He would love it if you threw a ball to him so that he can hit it back to you with his nose. Once he’s done playing, it’s cuddle time! You can level up your cuddling, with Anthony, by letting him under the covers so he can curl up against you.

He is a smart boy but can be a little mischievous! His future family will have to establish themselves as the pack leader due to his dominant personality. Anthony has also been known to be a performer. He’ll show off his tricks of sit, sit pretty and stay. He is a bulldog though, so he may not always want to. Part of this may be due to the fact that his hearing isn’t the best.

Anthony gets anxious around new people, places and busy settings. If strangers approach him, he will try and lunge at them or try to bite someone trying to pet him. Anthony’s foster home has found some techniques to help with introducing him to new people, which they’ll teach his new family.

Anthony will do best in a laid back home with someone that has experience with the bully breeds. The ideal home for Anthony is with adults only. Anthony prefers women, but we think he would do fine with a man as long as they’re patient and give him space. In the past, he bit two men who did not respect his space, even though they were asked to. Due to his fear of strangers, Anthony would not do well in a city or busy area. We feel he would do better in the suburbs or a rural area in a single family home.

Due to his anxiety, Anthony wouldn’t be a fit to go to work or be home all day by himself.

Anthony’s future home should not have other dogs or cats due to his high prey drive. He is territorial of his home and becomes overstimulated easily, which can cause him to lash out. His energy can be unappealing to some dogs because when he gets anxious, it’s hard for him to settle down.

Like most Frenchies, Anthony has allergies and needs to avoid chicken, turkey and beef. To help with his itchiness, Anthony takes an allergy supplement and gets a monthly medicated bath. A fish supplement could also help keep the itchies at bay. In his arsenal of tricks, Anthony knows “no feeties” to stop licking his paws.

Anthony is very loyal and thrives when he is with his people at home. If you think you are his new best friend, submit a S.N.O.R.T. adoption application today!