Amiable Armani is a total love bug – I mean pug – who came to SNORT along with his pal Vera after their owner surrendered them to a shelter in Pennsylvania. This dapper 12-year-old fella is just a joy to be around. He loves giving and receiving love and kisses. He is a supreme snuggler. And don’t let his age fool you – he is still quite athletic and active and enjoys his daily walks!

Armani just returned from a visit to the vet for his neuter and dental and the vet reported that he is in great shape for his age, with no medical issues! He has been wearing a belly band in his foster home to prevent marking, but that behavior should subside now that he is neutered.

Like all pugs, Armani loves his food. Unlike most pugs, he tends to eat at a leisurely pace. He has been living quite harmoniously with the other dogs and cats in his foster home, aside from the occasional warning growl if they try to help him finish his meal. Armani would love to go to a home with other dogs, specifically pugs, since he loves napping in a pug pile!

Overall, Armani is a pretty chill guy. When he gets excited, especially if someone is giving him attention, he becomes a little wiggle worm and doesn’t know what to do with his own body, resulting in sort of a “bull in a china shop” situation. Another adorable little quirk Armani has is that if you tell him “no,” he throws a temper tantrum by spinning in circles and barking at his own tail!

Armani is pretty much a perfect gentleman of a pug. He adapts well to any situation and could live in a house with a yard to roam around in or would be equally happy going for walks on a leash. He would love going to work with you and meeting new people and soaking up all of their attention! If this darling sounds like your kind of guy, then please submit a SNORT adoption application for Armani today!