Beautiful Belle is a precious 9 year old French Bulldog who came to SNORT when her owners could no longer afford her care due to their own failing health.

Belle is a loyal companion who walks great on a leash and does not require a fenced-in yard for her exercise needs. She loves everyone she meets and gets along great with kids, cats and other dogs!

Don’t let her age fool you – this gal has plenty of energy left for a good game of tug-of-war and she can chase a ball like a young puppy! After a nice walk, Belle loves to snuggle on the couch with her people. A faithful little people-pleaser, Miss Belle will stick by your side and listens very well. She knows her basic obedience commands and is housebroken. She is accustomed to having a mid-day potty break so her new people should be able to continue that routine for her. Belle is also wee wee pad trained.

Belle is looking for a home with experienced dog owners who have the time, financial means and patience to keep up with her medical needs. She has hypothyroidism and Atypical Cushings Disease, so her new people must stick to her medication regime of
Trilostan (10 mg per day), 2 melatonin pills per day and thyroid medications. While this may sound like a lot of medications, they are all fairly inexpensive and the total cost for all of Belle’s medications is less than $40 per month.

Belle loves to entertain herself by chewing on squeaky balls and she will love you forever if you play fetch with her! She loves her people so much that she will roll over on her back and spin around in circles with excitement over seeing her people come home! She is a sweet, loving, beautiful girl who just needs an attentive owner and a comfortable home to live out her golden years.

If you have a soft spot for sweet seniors and the experience and means to care for a companion with some medical needs, you will find that the love sweet Belle gives you in return is so rewarding. Please submit a SNORT adoption application for Belle today!