Miss Brownie the French Bulldog is just 18 pounds, but in her mind she is large and in charge with a spoonful of mischief mixed in. Brownie loves attention from people and is happiest when she is the absolute center of all attention. This little miss is approximately four years old and lives near Philadelphia, PA with her foster family.

Brownie was surrendered to S.N.O.R.T. due to her owners not having the time or resources to care for her. She loves the outdoors and especially loves to ride in a stroller to take in all the sights and smells of nature. Brownie loves people, but would do best in a home without younger children.  Brownie is willing to share her home with another dog, as long as that dog understands she’s the one who gets all the attention from her humans. Brownie wants to be the only attention hog in the house! She’s also known to steal toys , so another dog must be very laid back. She seems indifferent to cats.

In addition to stealing toys from the resident short nose dogs in her foster home, Brownie enjoys a good car ride. She knows her name and will come when called. Typical of bulldogs, Brownie is fond of almost all biscuits and treats that she’s been introduced to. She is also crate trained but will have some leakage when excited. It’s all A-OK in Brownie’s mind, because she doesn’t mind wearing the big girl pants when needed.

Once Brownie entered S.N.O.R.T., we noticed mobility issues in her back legs. She has either a congenital malformation or injury to her back and will need physical therapy and evaluation. She will begin physical therapy while at S.N.O.R.T. but needs an owner committed to he ongoing medical situation as well as a home that can offer her one floor living since navigating stairs will be challenging. She may need a future MRI. She also was diagnosed with luxating patella and has a relaxed soft palate. She does not require any medications other than flea and tick preventative.

Overall, Brownie is searching for a committed owner who understands the French Bulldog breed; has the ability to devote to her medically and the time to devote to making her feel secure. If you are looking for a Frenchie to dote upon, Brownie is wiggling to meet you! Submit a S.N.O.R.T. adoption application today!