Buckwheat the pug considers himself a cinema buff. He thinks Jack Lemon is the best actor to have ever lived and Grumpy Old Men is Buckwheat’s favorite movie. He sometimes refers to himself as Buckwheat Lemon in honor of the late great actor who grew up on the east coast. Buckwheat currently lives near Philadelphia PA with his foster mom.

Ideal activities for this dapper 12 year old include strolling and sniffing outdoors, taking mid day naps, sampling treats, and of course snoozing on the sofa during movie marathons. If you prefer to read or play words with friends while Buckwheat snoozes next to you, that would be equally enjoyable in his eyes. He currently accompanies his foster mom to work at the Vet’s office and enjoys hanging out either in his crate or in the reception area on his comfy bed. He is crate trained, house trained and leash trained and has wonderful manners with people both inside and outside of the house. Due to his age, older children or an adult only home is preferable. 

Buckwheat entered S.N.O.R.T. due to needing surgery which his owners could not afford. He needed to have all of his teeth extracted due to dental disease and requires a soft food diet. He also had several masses removed, one of which was a mast cell tumor. He currently has some smaller growths that will need monitored, but are not bothersome to him. He takes Rimadyl for arthritis but does not require any other medication.  Due to his arthritis, Buckwheat would thrive in a home where he is not required to use stairs.   He is described as dominant man and becomes ornery if other dogs approach his food bowl, so he should be in a home without other dogs. Since he adores people so much, he doesn’t mind humans near his food. 

In spite of his medical setbacks, this boy is showing us his snuggly personality and is not nearly as grumpy as the men in his favorite movie. Typical of the pug breed, Buckwheat will follow his favorite person around and freely gives kisses. He knows some basic commands such as “sit.” He relishes attention from people and has only one wish….to feel important. 

Are you ready to watch movies with the ever important Buckwheat? If so, submit a S.N.O.R.T. adoption application today.