Described as a “total love” by her foster mama, Butters, the Merle French Bulldog girl is as sweet as they come. At just 18 months old, Butters finds herself in need of a rescue and a special forever person to take notice.

Butters was surrendered after a reproductive surgery resulted in urine incontinence. She can do the big stuff outside, but is just a little leaky with her bladder. Butters tolerates doggie diapers during the day and does fine in her crate without undies overnight since her leakage is slight. She takes medicine that helps with her condition at a cost of $35 per month.

This sweet miss gets along splendidly with the toddler in her foster home as well as the 13 year resident old Boxer, but mostly she wants to be next to her favorite adult. If you are able to help sponsor Butters the Frenchie, click on one of the above tabs.

**UPDATE ON BUTTERS 1/18/2020**

Butters’ condition is quite complicated.  We are trying to expand her bladder to be able to hold urine. Right now, because her sphincter doesn’t work, her bladder has never had to hold urine. So, we are hoping that we can train it to expand and hold urine so she can urinate like a normal dog outside.

The Specialists have had to perform a second procedure, injecting collagen into the urethra (because collagen will absorb with time) to make the opening go from 100% open, to only 20% open. This way it makes a smaller hole to expel urine and force the excess urine to pool in the bladder.

The Specialist has said that since her first procedure her bladder walls look better and is slowly starting to expand. We are hoping that she will be able to hold her urine beyond the hour she was holding it after the first procedure. She has also started to squat outside and pee for the first time in her life. This is great news because it was a concern she wouldn’t know what to do. Foster Mom is doing a great job training her to go pee. Having to take her out every hour so she can pee like a “normal” dog. If left longer than an hour, it would start to leak.

Fingers crossed we get longer breaks in between having to urinate with the second procedure.

A hydraulic occluder is not an option right now because we have to get the bladder to expand first. We don’t want to put her through a huge surgery if her bladder isn’t going to work. One step at a time, hopefully we get more success out if the second procedure.