Buttons & Buddy

Buttons & Buddy

Enter the original dynamic duo! Sweet, playful and energetic Buttons and Buddy are ready, willing, and able to bring you all the loving and fun you can possibly imagine!It’s been a long haul for brothers Buddy and Buttons, and now it’s their turn for a loving family of their own. A bonded pair, these boys are true to their Boston Terrier half as they would be eternally happy to chase and retrieve whatever ball you throw to them. Within a fence-in yard (a must), they will never tire of chasing the ball. And the more exercise for these two, the better.

Buddy, the smaller of the two, is a little shy at first and tends to be more anxious in general. But both boys get very excited when they see other animals – dogs, squirrels, cats – and in fact, Buddy can get so excited that he and Buttons will even erupt into a squabble.

Leash training is progressing, but more work still needs to be done. The boys do mark in the house, so they wear belly bands which they don’t mind. Recently, Buttons has made tons of progress with leash walking and housebreaking – he has been accident-free for the past few weeks! They are currently recovering from Lyme disease that they receive medication for, but other than that, they are perfectly healthy. Both boys have become very funny, kind, and sweet while in foster care, and hope to continue that progress in their furever home.

Personality plus is an understatement for these two and your life will never be boring. Try any and all of

the following:

 Comedians

 Busy bees

 Lazy-boys

 Nervous Neds

 Shy Petunias

 Friendly

 Smart

 Active

 Needs serious exercise

A small family with a consistent routine would be the best home for these sweet fellows, and one without cats or small kids. They also need a family that is willing to work with them to give them the love they need and deserve. As always, the foster Mom has the last (and best) word to say about Buttons and Buddy:

“These sweet dogs deserve a better life with a small family who has the time to teach them and play. They are a busy pair with lots of love and kisses to be shared. They need someone to give them positive reinforcement and consistency and they will flourish.” If you are that person, submit a S.N.O.R.T. adoption application today!