It’s been a difficult year for families and pets, and for Caesar, it was no exception. This special little pug was surrendered to rescue through no fault of his own.

Caesar is a quintessential Velcro dog and wants nothing more in his sweet life than to be attached to his human. In fact, his favorite nighttime sleep spot is his foster mom’s head.

This loyal, loving, sweet little guy is a busy little bee with tons of energy and can run very fast. When it comes to toys, bring them all on, but he especially loves squeaky ones and bones. He is enormously friendly, but a little shy at first, especially meeting other animals. He is not at all aggressive with other pets, but it’s clear that he does get anxious when any other dogs come near or sit by foster mom.

Although he otherwise does fine with the other dogs in his foster home, he would truly thrive as an only dog where he can give and get all the attention from his beloved humans. Because he is so enthusiastic, which means his favorite form of greeting is to jump up and scratch, he’d do best in a home without younger children (less than 7). He also needs a home with peeps who can keep up with his high energy level with at least one long walk a day and lots of running,

Caesar is prone to urinary tract crystals and infections caused by high alkalinity levels in his urine which will need to be tested at least once a week with pH test strips. A dietary supplement of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother Lode has worked well to control the issue. There is also the potential that he may need a prescribed diet at some point.

Caesar would thrive in any home environment and with humans who can keep up with his energy. City, suburbs, rural, apartment, townhouse, single family home – any and all would be ideal for this loving boy. One plus is that he is potty-pad trained, but do be kind if he has an occasional accident.

As always, our many wonderful foster mothers have the best last word about their babies, and this is what Caesar’s says about him:

“Caesar is a fun little pug. He loves to play and cuddle and stare in your eyes. He is so cute and loyal. He deserves a family that would be just as fun loving and loyal as he is.” If you are as energetic as he is, submit an application to S.N.O.R.T. today!