Baseball Opening Day is here and this little guy is one excited Boston Terrier… because he just LOVES to PLAY BALL!  That’s right – Cain is his name and PLAYING is his game!  Weighing in at just over 20 lbs, this petite 2 year old is a sweet little spitfire!

Cain came to SNORT when the young child in his family developed allergies.  Cain seemed to get along great with the toddler in his former home and he loves other dogs.  When introduced to cats, Cain was smart enough to give them their space and not pester them.

Described by his foster family as smart, loving and energetic, Cain is pretty much a perfect Boston Terrier!  He loves people, lives for attention, absolutely thrives on daily activity and holds his own in a wrestling match or tug-o-war with a dog who outweighs him by 35lbs!

This happy-go-lucky guy is super smart and picks up on new routines quickly.  He is housebroken, crate trained and has no known medical issues.  A perfect home for Cain would be one where he can get a good long walk every day and an owner who will play ball with him to his little heart’s desire.  A canine companion would be great, since Cain loves playing with the dog in his foster home!  Cain enjoys a good long mid-afternoon walk, so if his new owners are not home all day, then he would enjoy a daily visit from a dog walker.

If you are an active person and are looking for a smart, loving, playful, young Boston Terrier then look no further and submit your SNORT Adoption Application for Cain today!