If you’ve been searching for the Holy Grail of pug rescue, your search might just end with Calvin. This gem of a boy is an owner surrender and just 8 months old. He is in excellent health and is being fostered in New York. Calvin is likely to draw a lot of attention and applications.
This 22 pounder is the perfect amount of funny, quirky and friendly all rolled into one wrinkly snorty body. Calvin loves people and has been known to follow his foster mom constantly (which she cherishes).  He adores being petted, played with, snuggled and loved on. Calvin is completely house trained and gets along superbly with the other dogs in his foster home regardless of size or gender. He is inquisitive with cats, so a home with no cats or only laid back, non-reactive cats would be ideal. This social butterfly also adores children, although since he is a very active puppy, a home without wee little people is preferred.
If you happen to have a fenced yard, Calvin would thoroughly enjoy numerous games of toy throwing or tug of war on nice days. This mister would also be very content to have leash walks or a trip to the dog park where he could get the exercise and socialization that puppies thrive upon. Calvin will let you know if he is not getting enough attention by finding puppy mischief in the form of taking all the toilet paper off of the roll, or finding the corner of the carpet to chew.
Calvin is working on his studies and his obedience lessons. He is described as very smart by his foster mom. He would very much like to continue his studies in his adoptive home. The only thing we’ve found that Calvin dislikes is the crate. This youngster much prefers to be the center of attention. He has become famous for the greetings he gives his foster people when they return from work. If he happens to find an adoptive person or family where someone is around most of the day, Calvin would be over the moon happy for the round-the-clock company.
This youngster is in excellent health and is neutered and microchipped. During his wellness exam with S.N.O.R.T., the vet determined that one eye is slightly larger than the other and Calvin may have had a slight eye injury in the past that could cause minor vision impairment. He does not require any medication, and is up to date on vaccines.
Most of all, Calvin wants to find a person or family who understands the Pug breed, and has the desire and time to devote to an 8 month old. He would absolutely love if there were at least one other canine companion, regardless of size or gender, in his forever home.
If you would like to give Calvin your last name, submit a S.N.O.R.T. adoption application today!