SNORT gives a big welcome to Charlie the Frenchie!  Charlie is a 5 year old, 30-pound ball of sweetness who was surrendered in hopes that another family could provide the care he needs.  Charlie is settling into foster care and has been delighting his foster family with his personality!

Charlie is spunky and energetic, but seems to be submissive and easygoing with the resident dog who likes to show that she’s boss.  He loves to play with toys and enjoys a nice chew, and then will come sit next to you and request a belly rub.

Charlie is crate trained, and loves his crate.  It’s his cozy space, and he likes to spend his days in there when his foster family is at work, otherwise he has a bit of anxiety.  He also sleeps in his crate at  night, so it’s definitely one of his favorite places.  He’s been to work with his foster mom and she reports that he happily dozed under her desk all day.  His second favorite spot is in front of a space heater or in a sun spot – anywhere he can be warm!

Charlie is getting treatment for some skin allergies and itchies.  We are trying different things to find out what will bring relief to this sweet boy, and once we get his skin under control, he’ll be ready for a forever home!

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