Meet Chewbaca, the petite people-pleasing Boston Terrier!  This adorable little 15lb guy is professional snuggler and certified Netflix-watching pro!

Chewy, as he is affectionately known, came to SNORT when his owner could not care for his medical needs.  He has been diagnosed with epilepsy and takes Phenobarbital, but has not shown any signs of illness in his foster home and his medicine is currently being reduced.

You could not meet a friendlier guy if you wanted to!  Chewy loves people of all sizes and ages and gets along just fine with the dog and cats in his foster home!

He loves to travel with his people and is so easy-going that you can take him anywhere with you and he will fit right in! In fact, he will be ecstatic to meet new people and get more attention!   And let’s face it, with that adorable face and tongue peaking out, who could possibly resist giving him some love??

Chewy’s favorite hobbies include eating and snuggling under the blankets with his people.  He will have little bursts of energy and will jump around, run, and play for a little while, then settle down for some serious couch time.  Although he is about 3 ½ years old, he acts like a puppy when playing with other dogs; he makes lots of noises but generally just play bows and runs in circles.  

Chewy is mostly housebroken, but will have an occasional accident if left home alone for long hours.  Therefore, a home with someone who is home all day or a mid-day check in from a dog walker would be best for him.  Chewy would also make a great companion to take to work with you!  He would be super excited to soak up the attention from your co-workers!

Chewy has spent time in an apartment setting and in a home with a fenced-in yard and has done well in both situations, so any type of home would be fine for this darling, as long as he gets to spend lots of time with his people and gets his snuggles in.  If you are looking for a perfectly happy-go-lucky, fun and snuggly guy to spend lazy days binge-watching Netflix shows with, then please submit a SNORT adoption application for Chewy today!