We know. Coco may be one of the cutest dogs ever to hit the available page, but she has a very specific list of requirements for her new forever home, so keep reading!

Diva is a great word to describe Coco, but with those looks she can get away with it! This girl simply LOVES her people and wants to be close to them at all times – but on her own terms.  She initially struggles with trusting, but once she does, she is your BFF.  She loves to sleep and would gladly spend the day snoozing away, but she also enjoys learning new tricks before finding a new place to nap.

Coco will do almost anything for a treat and has great basic manners skills. She is both house trained and crate trained (although she’d much rather be with you than in a crate!).

Coco has limited hearing, which can cause her to startle. She growls when nervous and may nip or bite when startled, but she gives a warning before she does.  Because of this, she must go to a child-free home and her adopter will be required to sign a bite waiver. Her new family must have experience with dogs with limited hearing, as well as a calm, consistent home environment to help Coco avoid being startled. She will need slow introductions in her new home and be allowed time to adjust.

Coco does not need someone home all day – but of course, she’d love it! Since this little diva is not a fan of going potty while on leash, a fenced-in yard in is definitely preferred.

Coco has low thyroid levels and takes low cost medication to regulate her thyroid production.

While Coco was visiting the veterinarian for other reasons, the veterinarian discovered an abnormality in her spine.  It is likely IVDD. She shows no effect from this at this time. A specialist was consulted regarding her xrays and he does not feel as though any interventions need to take place at this time.

While Coco has very specific wishes for her new forever home, we know the perfect family is out there. Could you be the one Coco is looking for?