It’s time to welcome sweet Corinne to SNORT! A precious 13 year old pug who weighs 19lbs, Cory is as sweet as they come. This darling comes to life when she gets outside where she sniffs the fresh air and thoroughly enjoys nature. Cory has been enjoying evening strolls in a stroller and is a great car rider as well. Cory loves being held and snuggled and likes to know that her humans are nearby. She needs to carried outdoors for her potty breaks and help with standing up. Once she is steady on her feet she will walk around the yard. Since this gal is a senior, she likes a little bit of room service when it’s time to eat or drink. The food comes to her and needs some assistance to stand at the water dish. Her foster family is working on a potty schedule since she isn’t quite ready to let them know when she needs to do her business. She loves her soft food and is gaining weight on her current diet.


The vet has helped Corrine greatly with her severe ear infection. Her hearing seems to be limited and her left eye appears to be without sight. She is getting drops to help with her dry eye.


Like most seniors, Cory has arthritis in her elbows, knees and right hip, but she is signed up for physical therapy. With all of this specialized care, her foster Mama is confident Cory will stride with ease into her forever home!


Cory has not met cats as far as we know, but she doesn’t mind having the resident Boston Terrier around.


If you’d like to give Cory a boost with her healthcare, please click one of the green bars above and she’ll be on her way to feelin’ good and getting ready for hitting the adoption page!