Cute Cory is a 2 year old playful pug who has a happy, positive attitude and loves to please his people.

Cory loves to play, especially with other dogs! He has a favorite bone that he likes to chew on and, while he gets upset and cries if another dog takes his bone, he graciously surrenders. While he has not been around kids in his foster home, Cory has previously lived with children. He is a people-pleaser and just loves to lap up attention wherever he can get it!

This little guy came to SNORT when his owners could no longer afford his medical care. Cory has been diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency and Diabetes, but you would never know by looking at him – he doesn’t let his medical issues slow him down at all!   It’s EASILY controlled by feeding him the right food mixed with supplements.

Cory requires a little extra care due to his medical conditions but this handsome guy is worth every minute. He eats a mixture of raw food and dry food with powdered porcine enzymes mixed into the food at each meal, and his food must be weighed. He also gets insulin shots after each meal and should have his blood glucose tested twice per day. His medical costs are approximately $100 per month and VERY easy to maintain. Look at his face! Isn’t he worth it?? Cory needs to have water available to him at all times and he is wee wee pad trained for his frequent bathroom urges. He is also great about going potty outside and walking on a leash, but really loves to run, so a fenced-in yard would probably be best.

Cory is a very sweet boy, who loves and trusts freely and does not let his medical issues stop him from being a playful, happy pug. A perfect match for Cory would be someone who has experience caring for a diabetic dog, someone who has the time to take Cory for his frequent potty breaks and the patience to understand that he will need a little extra TLC. Cory is a great companion to people and other dogs. He would love to go to work with his new people and soak up all the attention he can get. If you have experience caring for a diabetic dog and the time to give this sweetie a little extra care, then please submit a SNORT adoption application for Cory the pug today!