Croqueta & Pimienta

Croqueta & Pimienta

As the fall weather approaches, I want to tell you all about our summer escapades at camp S.N.O.R.T. this year. My name is Pimienta, and you may call me Pepper, which is what my name means in English. I’m a 7 year old fawn pug and my little sis here is Croqueta, a brindle beauty. She’s only 5, so I’ll do the talking for the both of us. Croqueta and I are a bonded pair who are looking for a permanent home together. Right now we live in Lancaster County, PA with our foster parents, and Eli the pug, but we very much want a forever family again.

Croqueta and I had a family ever since we were puppies. Then our mom got sick and our world started changing. Our family made the difficult decision to re-home us, so that once again we could find a family who doted over us just as much as our mom did before the sickness took her away.  We are slowly returning to the playful girls we once were.  This summer at camp S.N.O.R.T., we spent our days playing fetch in the yard, taking short walks on the leash, watching tv on the sofa with our foster parents and being the official food samplers when foster mom worked in the kitchen. I particularly like apples, carrots and fresh green beans. Cantaloupe is not my favorite people food, but I still ate it. Croqueta has some difficulty eating, so her people foods needed to be cut way tiny.

We also worked very hard on manners at camp S.N.O.R.T.  One week we had daycare at our house for 5 pugs. That particular week was a little stressful for me.  I learned to give all the pugs their space when they were eating. This was a challenge, so I learned that taking meals in my crate is a great way to give others their food space. Once my bowl is clean, I will bark to let you know I’m ready to come out of the crate since mealtime is the only time I am ok with the crate. People describe me as the alpha or dominate, but I just like to always be first in line no matter what. Croqueta worked on manners too, but it all came so easily for her. I think she’s a genius. We both love to be with people and we are eager to please. We are experts at coming when you call us and we sleep together in the same dog bed all through the night. We are also perfectly housetrained, but we are not used to going potty on the leash, since we have always known a fenced yard and want a fenced yard in our forever home. We both love fuzzy squeaky toys. My favorite is an alligator that makes different squeaky noises if I bite him in the belly or the foot. If you could find time to play toys with us twice a day we would be ever so grateful. Croqueta loves Clarice the reindeer as her best toy. She’s an expert at fetch. She likes tiny toys but I prefer larger ones that I can really shake around. I tend to play on the rough side.

Overall we are in good health, but Croqueta has C.U.P.S. disease which causes ulcers in her mouth. She has had prior dental extractions and last week when she saw the S.N.O.R.T. vet, she was recommended to have her remaining teeth extracted so that she can get rid of those ulcers and her mouth won’t be so “ouchy” all the time.  Croqueta bravely agreed to do this and doctor said she can still eat her same foods after she is healed. Croqueta is having her surgery on September 17th, so keep in in your thoughts. Meanwhile, I’m being treated for some yeasty ears, and other than that, we are healthy pugs. We are also both spayed, microchipped and up to date on vaccines. Going forward, I may also need a dental with some extractions due to my age.

In a lot of ways, Croqueta and I are total opposites, which is maybe why we get along so well. She’s just 17 pounds and has tiny features. I’m 21.5 pounds and have a very large pug head for a female. She’s also on the calm side, and I’m a bit of a nervous Nelly when I go for car rides, to the vet, or worst of all….to the groomer for nail trims. I also sometimes need some decompression time, alone in my quiet room if there is too much noise or dog activity in the home. Occasionally, I have snapped at the resident dog. Ideally, I would be best suited to a quiet home/neighborhood in which Croqueta and I are the only dogs of the house. A family with kids over 5 years old or adults only, who are around a good part of the day, are also high on our wish list. We want to feel important and secure.

If you are a dog savvy pug enthusiast who is smitten by this dynamic duo of pug girls, submit your S.N.O.R.T. adoption application for Pimienta and Croqueta today!