Rescues were formed with boys like Dexter in mind. Dexter’s owners recently moved to a condo which doesn’t permit dogs. Now this special little man is looking for a new love and he’s come to the right place to find it.. Dexter is located in Rochester, N.Y. and is available for adoption!

Dexter is a 9 year old, 33 pound Boston Terrier who is described as sweet, smart, and loving. He loves attention and loves to cuddle with his people. He adores adults and children alike, although Dexter has a special fondness for men, and generally will seek out the male lap of the house to rest his head. We think he feels an extra sense of security when he’s with his humans.

On the medical end, Dexter has been dealt an unfair hand. He had an eye surgically removed a year ago due to diabetes, and he is blind in his remaining eye. Dexter will be the first to tell you that blind dogs can get around just fine and enjoy play time as much as the sighted resident dogs. His favorite toy is Verne the vulture. Verne has crinkly parts and squeakers, making him the ideal prize in Dexter’s opinion. He also loves playing with his ball, which is larger than the average ball, making it easier for Dexter to locate. He looks forward to packing his best toys to take along when he moves on. Priorities.

This optimist loves car rides, naps in the sun, short leash walks, and most of all…sleeping under the covers! In a nutshell: he just wants to be with his people. Dexter would prefer a fenced yard (although not required) and a person or family who is around the house most of the time so he can get his healthy dose of attention. Although he loves everyone, he would be best suited to a calm and quiet environment without wee little children. His new owner will need to commit to diabetes injections twice daily coupled with glucose tests for which he sits and accepts like a true hero.

Dexter enjoys the company of other dogs and lived most of his life with another male Boston. He currently lives with an English Bulldog and 2 Boston Terriers in his foster home. Due to his visual impairment, Dexter will need slow introductions around other dogs until he feels safe, but he would do well in an adoptive home with another laid back canine companion. Dexter does not like cats and has been known to chase them.

Although he’s not looking to pack up and retire in the Caribbean, Dexter is ready to find a quiet place to feel secure and rest his head at night. If you are ready to become Dexter’s seeing eye person, fill out a S.N.O.R.T. adoption application today!