Imagine – suddenly finding yourself without the only home you’d known for over a decade. That’s the story of Dolly, a precious old girl who was given up by the family that raised her from a puppy.

Dolly is enjoying life in her foster home. She adores her foster mom and follows her everywhere. Tennis balls? We’re talking obsession. Cats? No issues. Low key, submissive type dogs? Good. She does, however, have a few issues with the resident Boston-mix and they therefore need to be kept separate. Dolly also tends to resource guard when it comes to her food, which is easily dealt with my feeding her separately.

For a 12-year old dog, Dolly’s health is quite good. She has a slight heart issue that does not require medication, but that will need to be watched as the years go on. She has some arthritis which makes going downstairs difficult so it’s best if she’s carried. Because she is a bit fragile, she would do best in a home with all adults or with older children who can understand that she needs to be handled gently. She is also deaf but does respond to some basic hand motions.

Despite her senior status, Dolly has a variety of moods and activity levels including couch potato, busybee, loafer, outgoing, friendly, intelligent and dominant. She is not game for Olympic competition and is perfectly satisfied with a single daily walk.

If you want a perfectly house trained dog, Dolly’s your girl. She also never damages anything in the house. She can occupy herself with toys for a short time, which are always followed by nap time. Most of all, Dolly loves her people and prefers to be with them whenever possible. Overall, she is smart, sassy, quirky and a total Diva. She lets her people know exactly what she wants with solid eye contact and a bark.

Here’s what her foster mom says as little Dolly looks for the home to take her through her twilight years: “Dolly is such a sweet and funny character, a loving, curious and playful goofball. She was surrendered at 12 and deserves a happy, safe and loving home and family with whom to live out her golden years.”