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Douglas is a candidate for foster to adopt.

Please meet Douglas. Douglas has had it pretty rough.  He is a 6 year old, 80 pound English Bulldog. He came to the S.N.O.R.T. program because his owner was moving overseas and could not take him along. He is looking for a person who can work with him to be the best dog he can be.  His foster home would tell you he was well behaved in the house, sweet and an excellent guard dog. Maybe too good.  He was almost adopted and he did not like the anticipation of change. He nipped the potential adopter.  He then went back to his foster home and also nipped his foster family member.  He is spending time in a wonderful doggy training facility to help him become a more confident dog.

He suffers from fear aggression and change is too much for Douglas. He has had a lot of change this last year, and will need someone who will be very patient with him as he settles in.  He will need someone with experience in helping a dog become confident and well adjusted.  This next move must be his last, so he can bond and flourish in his home environment.  When Douglas is calm and relaxed, some of his favorite things are toys, treats, belly rubs, lounging and going for walks. This will take some time as he adjusts to his new home.  Patience and time and space will help him.  He is a strong walker, so he will need someone able to manage him on leash walks but a fenced yard would be preferable as he learns to feel comfortable.  With his new owner, he could benefit from someone on one training to keep his mind motivated and work on the relationship.  Mostly he just wants to be an important family member.  At the training facility the training staff loves him and is impressed by his progress. Though the road is long, he’s headed in the right direction.

He is also in great health. He is housebroken and neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccines. As we mentioned he gets nervous in new situations.  He is not  food or toy aggressive, but if in fear, he can react in an unfamiliar situation.  He needs to be in a home with someone who is dog savvy and bully knowledgeable.

He needs a routine structure with boundaries.  He will need a daily time set for him to go on walks, leash training and just overall bonding which will help him become the great dog he is deep down inside. We would like to work on a foster to adopt so that his new family can work with him at his pace to get acclimated and confident.  If you are dog training experienced, a strong leader and patient, Douglas will reward you tenfold.  Submit a S.N.O.R.T. adoption application today