SNORT’s Elmo is just as cute – if not cuter! – than that adorable Sesame Street character we all know and love. And now our Elmo is ready to find his forever home.

Do not let his age fool you – he has the perfect manners of an older dog but the playfulness of a younger one. He loves to play fetch with his toys but also makes a great lap dog when it’s nap time. Elmo is housetrained and cratetrained and while he does not need someone home with him all day, he’d certainly love it!

One thing Elmo doesn’t love? Other dogs. He just is not a fan, regardless of size, gender, personality, etc. It’s just the way he is, so clearly his forever home must be dog-free! He is untested around cats and children so for that reason, SNORT prefers he also go to a cat-free and toddler-free home. He’d likely do fine with older children who understand his Boston Terrier energy!

As for his ideal home environment? He’s cool with whatever – house, apartment, suburbs, etc. A fenced-in yard would be great so that he has plenty of room to play but it’s not required.

Elmo is also a healthy little guy. No chronic health concerns minus the beginnings of cataracts – nothing abnormal. And all his senior bloodwork was picture perfect!

If you’re interested in making Elmo the star of your home, be sure to fill out an adoption application! He is being fostered outside of Baltimore.