LA-LA, LA-LA! It’s Elmo’s World!

He’s not red, but SNORT’s little fuzzy Elmo is just as cute – if not cuter! – than the adorable Sesame Street character we all know and love!

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of an elder gentleman’s manners and the playfulness of a young lad, you’ve found it with Elmo. He loves to play fetch with his toys and makes a great lap dog when it’s nap time. Elmo is crate trained, and while he does not need someone home with him all day, he’d certainly love to be your all-day companion! Elmo sleeps through the night, sometimes 10 hours or more, and is housebroken, but needs frequent potty breaks during the day. He is accustomed to wearing a diaper to prevent accidents if he needs to be left for an extended period of time.

Though he LOVES people, other dogs are not welcome in Elmo’s World. His forever home must be dog-free and remain as such. Elmo does great with older children who understand his Boston Terrier energy, but has not met any cats or young children, so we’d prefer he also go to a cat-free and toddler-free home.

Elmo would be happy to join you in any type of home – apartment, house, suburbs – and since he loves to play fetch, a fenced in yard would be great, but is not required. This very agile and extremely obedient pup would make a wonderful friend for someone who would enjoy throwing his toys for him — he even brings them back and places them conveniently on your lap! He knows how to sit, stay, drop it AND he gives kisses when you ask for them!

If you’re interested in making Elmo YOUR world, be sure to fill out an adoption application!