Open your heart wide to embrace the sweetest, silliest, most wonderful dog you will ever have the delight to know. Forrest’s entire being is about being with and loving his people. He gives kisses all day long and is a champion snuggle-bunny. Cold wind blowing? Never fear, Forrest will be right there to chase that chill right away.

Found as a stray in need of medical care, he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder which means he has a low tolerance for dealing with stress. One trigger for him is other dogs, but not all dogs. Still, because some dogs spark his stress response, a home where he is the king (and only) canine is best.

Forrest’s autoimmune disorder has attacked his cervical spine – in the neck area. When he first came to rescue, he was disoriented, had zero balance, no strength in his rear limbs, and a general lack of coordination. After a rigorous treatment regimen with steroids, Forrest is full of life, love and happiness. It is, however, possible that the disorder could recur at which point his current veterinary neurologist, Dr. Jason Berg, or another certified veterinary neurologist, would need to administer additional treatment.

A “work in progress” describes his potty-training. Forrest is a master at letting you know he has to poop. He always has to go right after he eats and will stand at the door and bark non-stop until you let him out. His pee regime is a bit different. Except for his “happy squirts” when he gets excited, he doesn’t know how to let you know it’s time to go out. He is getting better, and letting him out more often, setting pee-pads around the house, and using a belly-band have all helped Forrest with his pee project.

The joy this little guy will bring to your life is over the moon! He gives sneaky little ninja kisses when you least expect it, wants to either play or snuggle with you, and stays in constant motion except for cuddle time.

Because of his autoimmune disorder, a home with people familiar with special needs dogs would be best for Forrest. A home without cats, other dogs, and children less than five years old will be ideal. A home with a fenced in yard would also be best as well as someone who can be home with him all day to help him with his potty project. 

Here’s what his foster Mom has to say about Forrest: “This dog is an amazing, special boy who deserves all the love in the world because that’s what he gives with every ounce of his being. It’s nearly impossible to describe what is special about him because every bit of him is special. He just gets into your heart the second you meet him and will never leave.”

While Forrest has very specific wishes for his forever home, the family lucky enough to adopt him is out there. He is currently being fostered near Poughkeepsie, NY.  Be sure to fill out an adoption application!