Frankie aka Monkey

Frankie aka Monkey

Frankie – aka Monkey – has hit the available page and is patiently awaiting his perfect forever home!  He’s a dashing, seven year old pug who is being fostered in Lebanon, PA.

Frankie (who is trained to respond to Frankie, not Monkey) has a big personality in a small 20-pound package! He’s got really good “ups” for a small guy and loves cuddling, climbing, toys and walks. He is constantly entertaining his foster family with his climbing antics and funny pug noises.

Despite how brave of an explorer he might seem, Frankie is actually a bit of a scaredy cat! Unfortunately, sometimes his fear manifests itself in less than desirable behaviors. Frankie can be a bit of a reactive biter, especially with males or anyone new, but he has made tremendous strides in his foster home. Frankie’s adopter will need to sign a bite waiver.

Frankie is a super smart guy who has gone through “clicker training” in his foster home and proved to be a quick study! He no longer reacts aggressively toward his foster dad, but he still does not like the darn vacuum – what dog does, though?! Continued behavior training is an absolute must in his forever home.

He’s not a huge fan of the vet so he is given several anti-anxiety medications prior to any vet visits. He’s started taking prozac to help him.  Frankie suffers from allergies and chronic ear infections and will need some form of regular allergy treatment.

While he gets along well with dogs, he definitely prefers dogs similar to his own size – we told you, he gets scared easily and those big dogs can be intimidating to a small guy like him! Frankie does not like cats, so he politely requests a cat-free forever home.

Because of his bite history, he must go to a child-free home. A quiet home in a quiet neighborhood with a high fenced-in yard would be the absolute perfect environment for him.  Frankie’s hoping to find someone who doesn’t travel too much, but just wants to stay home with him.  He’d also like a home without too many visitors.

He doesn’t love being crated but will occasionally go into an open crate, especially if a blanket is draped over top to give it his preferred “cave-like” feel. He is house trained and while a mid-day check-in would be great, it’s not necessary. Any pet sitters and/or dog      walkers must be very slowly introduced.

Frankie is a super smart, super fun dog who just needs the right family dedicated to loving him and working him. He is currently being fostered outside Lancaster, Pa.