This handsome lad has been known to turn heads, but 8 year old Frankie the pug best describes his prior relationships as ‘complicated’ and hopes that 2020 is his year to find a forever home with someone willing to invest in him. He currently lives in Lebanon PA with his foster parents and his BFF, an older laid back resident dog.

Frank was surrendered to a shelter due to his previous owners being unable to manage his behavior. We are not quite sure about his prior history, but he presents as a dog with PTSD and anxiety. Frank knows that some people have emotional support dogs to help them overcome life’s obstacles…. so he’s hoping this also works in reverse. Frankie’s goal is to find an emotional support person to help this 28 pounder continue on the wellness path towards a trusting relationship. He recently started playing with toys in his foster home and is especially fond of running in the yard with his bestie toys — tennis balls. Other favorite activities include cuddling with his foster mom and his nylabone on the couch, as he is a known couch potato.

Most importantly, Frankie is looking for a forever home with someone who is dog savvy, patient and lives in a rural area with a quiet place for Frankie to gain exercise. A home with a tall fenced yard is ideal, since Frankie is also an athletic climber. Frankie has a known bite history and continues to reactively bite. His adopter would need to sign a bite waiver and Frankie is required to live in an adult only home with no children under 18. He has lived with his foster mom and dad for over a year, and below is his foster mom’s update:

Frankie continues to suffer from anxiety and PTSD like symptoms, reactivity to unfamiliar people and dogs; and reactivity to known people if they move too quickly. He has adjusted to our home after being with us for over a year but we have to make a lot of accommodations for him to feel safe, i.e. people do not come to our home, we take him to appointments when they are closed (groomer) or when there are few people (vet) and I provide all of the hands on support at these appointments. Our son lives away from home, and when first meeting Frankie, it took 4 visits until Frankie could comfortably be with him, and my son is still very aware of his movements and how he approaches Frankie and they are good friends. We have 2 amazing pet sitters (one who has a history as a vet tech working with more difficult pets) who have worked to establish a relationship with him and they know that there is a chance that they may be bitten. In a new environment Frankie will most likely bite again as he continues to bite my husband occasionally in our home if he approaches him too fast even though he loves my husband very much and sleeps and cuddles with him; he just can’t help going into defensive mode as he has a history of needing to protect himself before he got hurt, Frankie needs a very experienced owner who is willing to make these accommodations as once he trusts you (female especially), he is very lovable and affectionate, he needs a quiet home with someone who doesn’t have people in their home and does not travel or if they do travel they need experienced pet sitters who are ok working with a dog who may bite. In a new environment Frankie would essentially have to start over to become comfortable with his new environment.

Frankie is keenly aware of his tall list of prerequisites, however he is a beloved pet in his foster home, and is hopeful that his emotional support person is out there wanting to meet him and willing to accept the challenge of a less than perfect dog. He would best thrive in a quiet home with a laid back older dog since he seems to have bonded with the calm dog in his foster home. He also takes solace in his ‘safe space’ which is under a table in his foster home.

Frankie is in good health, but he does take medication for allergies and vitamin supplements due to prior urine crystals. He has a cyst on his leg that was drained in the past and will need to be monitored. He also takes anxiety medication: Prozac and Trazadone.

Are you that special dog experienced person who possesses patience, understanding, fortitude and a desire to help our complicated boy find a forever home? If so, submit your S.N.O.R.T. adoption application today!