A dog’s foster parents always say it best about their foster pup: “Gary deserves the best in life. He was neglected before and now he needs to be with his people to reassure him that he’s not alone anymore. “

They say there’s no such thing as perfect, but Gary sure comes close. Imagine a dog who:

• Loves, loves, loves EVERYONE — especially KIDS!!
• Loves, loves, loves other dogs!
• Wants to be with you and love you up all the time — you’ll never feel so special in your whole life!

Gary is indeed a very special boy. He came into rescue because his previous owners could not afford to pay for surgery to remove a benign rectal tumor and other veterinary expenses related to face and tail infections. Despite these issues, he is the friendliest, happiest and most playful pup in the pack!

When kids are around it’s like he’s died and gone to heaven. His foster home includes grandchildren ages 10, 8, and 18 months, and he is both playful and gentle. It also includes 3 resident Boston Terriers, many “grand dogs”, including more Bostons, a Boxer, and neighborhood dogs galore. Never has he growled, lifted a lip, or shown a single sign of aggression towards any dog.

Gary he was left alone in a crate for very long periods of time in his previous home, so he came to SNORT with a serious separation anxiety problem which his foster home has worked hard to overcome. At first he would bark and whine, non-stop, but now he just curls up and takes a nap. He was also said to be a chewer which is something that has not been an issue seen at all in his foster home. The only “flaw” Gary seems to have is his predilection to jump in any car with an open door, and since he loves all people, including strangers, it’s important to keep a keen eye on him.

Gary is easy to train and easier to be with. He loves hanging out and watching a movie with his peeps as well as romping with the dogs in the yard. He does not need a crate. Rather, he feels he must sleep with his humans, on his back, under the covers. A plus: he does NOT snore!

There are a few special needs Gary has that his new owner must meet. He needs a home where there is at least one other dog to keep him company. He’d love a young, larger-sized friend that he can roughhouse with! Medically, his face and tail folds need to be cleaned twice daily with medicated wipes to prevent infection. Gary’s eyes do not produce any tears, so he requires prescription artificial tear drops three times a day — gel tears seem to work best.

Forgetting he’s a rather hefty boy, Gary loves to get up on your lap for belly rubs! Gary’s other favorite thing to do is to chew on bacon flavored Benebones, busy buddy bristle bones and chuck it flying squirrels. Gary goes crazy for teepees! He loves to go in and out of them to play. He also loves to be outside, but needs to be supervised at all times when he’s outdoors.

Besides including another dog to play with, an absolute must in his new home is that someone is home with him for the better part of a day. Being left alone for 3 to 4 hours is okay, but much more than that will spark his anxiety. A home that is experienced with the bulldog breed is preferred.

If you think you’re the perfect home for Gary, submit a SNORT adoption application today!