Georgie Girl

Georgie Girl

Hey there, it’s Georgie Girl and I am looking for a new home.

I’m a 9.5 year old Frenchton – that’s a French bulldog/Boston Terrier mix (an exotic combination of two awesome, energetic breeds.) I live in New York City but would prefer to have my own fenced yard so I can play outside whenever I want.

Don’t be fooled by my age. The number might suggest “senior,” but when it comes to playing with toys I have the energy of a puppy. My favorite thing of all is playing ball. I love chasing a soccer ball in the yard or running around the house with a skinned tennis ball. If my ball happens to roll under a piece of furniture or behind the radiator and I can’t reach it (I will try and try and try to get it!), I will whine in front of it until you retrieve it for me. I am very vocal and expressive!

If there is no ball around, I will happily chew on bones or even sticks in the yard. I can dispatch a stuffed toy in minutes. Unstuffing is very fun! After a long day of playing, I love nothing more than cuddling on the couch with my people. I am very sweet and will talk to you and give you kisses.

My foster mom says I have a vibrant personality that not all other dogs appreciate. I’m not into sharing my toys, so, I would do best with just one other laid back dog my size or larger in my new home, and not multiple dogs. I love to chase birds and squirrels, so tiny dogs and cats would be too tempting for me to chase. I walk well on a leash, but I’m not a huge fan of getting into my harness, and I don’t like walking past other dogs.

I am completely house trained and am happy to stay home on my own while you’re at work. If I need to go out, I’ll let you know by standing at the door. I enjoy having my own crate and sleep in one at night, but please don’t lock me in!

My health is great and I have a lot of energy. I am currently taking antibiotics to treat Lyme disease, and will need a blood test to check my Lyme levels again in six months (beginning of September). I have a small growth or “beauty mark” over my left eye that is fatty and nothing to worry about. Also, my teeth are worn down from many years of vigorous chewing. The upside of that is, unlike many dogs my age, I have no tartar on my teeth and fresh breath.

Are you looking for a dog with a big personality to make you smile, laugh, and give you kisses? If so, I would love to be your Georgie Girl! Please click here today for an adoption application!