We know — we’re about to break the internet now that Miss Gertie has hit the available page!

This nine-month old peanut is so ready to find her forever home and can’t contain her excitement.  Gertie is a typical puppy – super energetic, playful and active. When tired, she’s also a champion cuddler but it takes a lot to make this girl tired! She does adore toys of any and all kinds – squeaky, stuffed, you name it, so start stocking up now!

Gertie came to SNORT with a cleft palate and we are so happy to report she came through the surgery with flying colors!  However, while the surgery closed the major cleft, a small area has remained open. This is a lifelong condition that will require regular monitoring to ensure there are no new openings in the palate.

Another thing she loves? Other dogs! Her forever home must have at least one other dog. She is used to the company of dogs of all sizes during the day and she loves playtime with them, so another active dog(s) is an ideal match for her. Plus, a tired Gertie equals a less mischievous Gertie, and doggie playmates will help tire her out! The jury is still out on cats – she often just runs away from them!

While a fenced-in yard is not required, it would be an absolutely bonus for Gertie. She prefers exploring on her own terms but if given the chance to escape, she’ll make a run for it – we told you, she’s a mischievous one – so a fenced-in yard is the ideal solution.

Because she’s still a puppy, her manners and housetraining are still works in progress. She can be a bit hoppy (as are most puppies!), so she’d do best in a home with children four and older who understand her puppy ways. She also needs a family who has time to devote to her training. Don’t worry, Gertie is incredibly smart (and food-motivated), though, and is making tremendous progress with her housetraining. And she’s already learned the “sit” command! She is accustomed to being let out every 3-4 hours, so she will need at least two check-ins during the day if her family is not around all day. She’d also be great with a petsitter.

This special girl can’t wait to find her forever family — is it you??