Sugar, spice and everything nice, wrapped up in one little puppy package named Gidget. At 4 months old, the world is her oyster provided she finds the right home to help her polish that oyster’s pearl.

Gidget came into rescue from a breeder whose vet said she needed surgery to correct a nare/palette issue. However, here in rescue she has been seen by our vet several times and it’s been agreed that she doesn’t currently need surgery. As she grows older, though, it’s possible that could change.

In her foster home, she is a live wire who loves and gets along with everyone including kids of all ages and dogs. She has not been tested around cats, but at such a young age, she should have no problem loving them, too!

Gidget is active and loves to play. She is a performer, mischief-maker, and busybee. However, when she is bored, she will be destructive. She is very smart, eager to learn and eager to please her people. She loves to give kisses. When she’s tired, she’ll just find a lap or comfy place to curl up and go to sleep. This can occur in the middle of a play session!

This enthusiastic bundle of love and energy can fit in anywhere – city, country, suburbs, house, apartment, or townhouse. She loves to learn and picks things up quickly. Although crate-trained, she’s just a puppy and has accidents daily though she is working on it. She’ll also chew your furniture, eat your shoes and other attractive things because that’s what puppies do. An adopter needs to know raising a puppy is a ton of work and be ready to put in the time and effort it takes to raise a socialized and obedient dog.

Right now Gidget is being treated for Giardia and will not be able to go to her new home until October, at the earliest. Before she can be cleared for adoption, she must have a negative fecal test. She is not spayed, so her new owner will be responsible for this and must provide proof of spay in order to be reimbursed for the cost. She will also need to get up-to-date with her puppy shots which have been put on hold because of the Giardia.

Gidget is a puppy, and a puppy in the truest meaning of the word. She gets along with anyone and everyone.. and everyone who has met her has fallen completely in love with her.

If you can help her continue to learn and devote lots of time and attention to her, submit a SNORT adoption application today!

We anticipate many applications for Gidget. To limit the number of applicants, all applications must be submitted by 8pm on Sunday September 15.