Looking for love in just the right place? That’s Hazel: a sweet, gentle and loving girl looking for her special place with special people.

It’s not been an easy road for this bully-girl. She was surrendered by her family and when she came into rescue she had pyometra, a life-threatening uterine infection. It was touch and go for 3 weeks, but after emergency surgery, and lots of TLC, she pulled through. Hazel had an MRI done as she was having trouble with her hind legs. She likely has a congenital issue like spina bifida. She knuckles and scuffs/drags her hind end.  The neurologist thinks that inflammation from her being so sick from her pyometra caused pressure on her spinal cord. S.N.O.R.T. is in the process of getting Miss sweet Hazel a cart so she can zoom around. In the meantime, she is receiving acupuncture and cold laser therapy treatments to reduce inflammation as well as some supplements and medicine. She weighs 40lbs, so any potential adopter would need to be able to carry her.

After all she’s been through, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more precious and devoted companion than Hazel. Snuggle should be her middle name. Give her a couch and a human and she’s found her bliss. On cold winter nights, picture your cold lap, a cozy couch, and maybe even a fire in the fireplace with Hazel nestled right in next to you and you’ve found your bliss.

We are looking for a home where Hazel can be the star of the show: translated: No other pets and no children under 13. She just craves love all day and even goes to work with her foster mom where she’s as good as gold.

Hazel’s ideal homes would be with a single person, a younger couple, adults-only, and owners experienced with short-nosed dogs. Location? Suburbs, rural, apartment (with an elevator), townhouse, or single-family home. However, a bustling city environment may be too much for this gentle soul.

The main thing to remember when considering adopting Hazel is her mobility issues. Other than that, her foster mother says it best:

Hazel is a sweetheart, love bug, looking to cuddle. She’s had a hard life and deserves a loving, consistent home.

If you are a dog savvy who is smitten by this sweet girl, submit your S.N.O.R.T. adoption application for Hazel today!