Ok, so maybe Hulk isn’t exactly the size of the “real” Hulk, but his personality sure is!
Hulk is a 6-7 year-old pug who found his way to SNORT after a change in his family’s living situation. After spending time getting in tip-top shape with his foster family, he’s ready for a new forever home!
Hulk is your typical pug – snuggly, playful and a true Velcro dog. He loves his twice-daily walks as much as he loves curling up on the couch with his family. De-stuffing toys is another favored pastime as are belly rubs and enjoying peanut-butter filled Kongs. He’s a simple guy!
He does very well with children and lived with two fellow pugs in his previous home, but we think he would be happier as an only dog; he’s untested with cats, though. Hulk is both cratetrained and housetrained. If his new family works during the day, a mid-day check-in or dogsitter would be ideal. This guy likes to stretch his legs!
Speaking of stretching his legs, Hulk is a pretty active dude so multiple walks a day and playtime are a must! A fenced-in yard would be ideal so that he can be free to roam. An apartment may not be the best environment since he’d have limited space to burn off his energy.
When he arrived at his foster home, he had a few skin issues as well as a mast cell tumor. His skin and fur are drastically healthier now and the tumor was removed with clean margins. He is fed grain-free, small-bite dog food and it’s recommended he continue with a similar diet in his new home. He takes Benadryl for his skin itchies and regular ear cleanings are a must! Because of Hulk’s medical history – namely the mast cell tumor – it’s recommended he see the vet 3-4 times per year to make sure everything still looks good.

While Hulk may not be as big as the Hulk character we all know, he is still on the bigger size for a pug and thus counter-surfing is one of his very few frowned-upon behaviors! Obedience classes may help him curb that behavior and also learn to walk like a gentleman on his leash. He’s a smart guy (who also happens to be super food-motivated!) so we know he can learn anything thrown his way!
If you’re ready to devote time and love to this hunk of a guy, be sure to fill out an adoption application. He is currently being fostered outside of Philadelphia.