Iggy loves everyone and everything and can’t wait to spread the love in his forever home!

A four-year-old Boston Terrier, Iggy will make his future forever home fall immediately in love with him. He’s just about perfect in every way; He is loving, cuddly and playful – you couldn’t ask for a better mix of personality traits!
As previously mentioned, there isn’t much Iggy doesn’t like. He simply adores children and other dogs; he is currently living with an 80-pound dog and they get along famously. He’s also living with two cats and loves them, too! Fetch is one of his favorite games, but he also appreciates the simple pleasure of cuddling up for a good nap and he’d love to have children and/or other dogs in his forever home.
Iggy is both house trained and crate trained and currently goes roughly eight hours without a potty break. While that’s just fine with him, he’d also love a mid-day check-in or better yet, he’d more than love coming to work with you! 

He would adapt well to almost any home environment. His foster home currently has a large yard, but Iggy is also content to take a stroll through the neighborhood.

Iggy does suffer from intermittent cluster seizures and some mild GI distress. His seizures are very short – 3-5 seconds – and he recovers quickly. He is currently taking several medications to control the seizures and is in the process of weaning off one of those medications, which may ease his GI issues. He also takes Famotidine and Sucralfate for the GI troubles. These medical issues have a very minimal impact on his quality of life, or his enthusiasm for life!

Iggy is pretty much the perfect dog! He’s handsome, sweet, playful and loving – what more could you ask for! He is currently being fostered near Providence, R.I.