It’s a Whole New World for princess Jasmine, a 13-15 year old Pug, who has just joined the SNORT foster family. Her previous owner could not provide the medical attention she needs in her golden years. Jasmine weighs in at a nice 15 lbs.

Since Jasmine has not been to the vet in some time, she has some health issues that were immediately addressed in foster care. She has a significant head tilt that may be the result of an ear infection. She was started on prescription ear medication for bacteria & yeast. She has mobility issues and said to be incontinent so her back end fur & tail are urine colored.

Jasmine thoroughly enjoyed her shampoo bath. This petite flower also seems to have limited sight, so she liked receiving some very soothing eye drops. Jasmine LOVES to eat in true pug fashion!

She wandered around her foster home after getting cleaned up, settled in next to the resident English Bulldog and immediately began snoring away! Jasmine will be off to the Vet next week for the real exam and more appropriate medications.

Sweet Jasmine is very loving and enjoys giving kisses.

Welcome Jasmine to the creature comforts you so deserve! If you’d like to contribute to her care, please click the green button above.