Sweet and spicy like her namesake pepper, Kayanne is a 9 year old special needs French Bulldog who will make a wonderful best friend.

Kayanne’s favorite thing is her person.  She has so much love to give.  She loves to snuggle and gives the biggest kisses!!  She is a relatively calm dog and loves to spend time in the sun working on her “suntan”.  She also loves to lounge on a soft bed, gazing lovingly at her human.  One on one, she loves to play with toys, but tends to shy away from that when in the presence of other dogs.  More than anything, she wants to please her person and strives to shower them with affection.

Despite some left hind “knuckling” when she walks, this little girl gets herself around just fine. When she first entered SNORT, we thought she might need some wheels, which she used successfully, but she soon decided they didn’t go with her “aesthetic” and she left those wheels in the dust!  Just like Cher, she is turning back time, and has regained control over her bowels (with an accident here or there, but shhhhh don’t tell her!) and has always held her peepees without an issue.  Kayanne has Intervertebral Disk Disease and genetic malformations of her spine.  She has some difficulty with mobility, especially with her rear left leg.  For now, PT, acupuncture, and laser treatments are helping her improve drastically.

An adopter should be aware of the costs of her monthly treatments, which according to her neurologist must be maintained for her lifetime.  She currently takes gabapentin for pain, as well as Benadryl to prevent allergy related ear infections.  Kayanne undergoes acupuncture and cold laser therapy weekly and they have dramatically improved her quality of life.  Her neurologist has stated that those treatments must be maintained lifelong and her adopter must agree to keep ups with those therapies.  Those treatments could cost approximately $400 per month.

Kayanne’s symptoms are sometimes painful for her and she can be a bit grumpy when she does not feel well.  As such, she should not be in a home with young children. If there are children, 13 and older would be best.

Kayanne wants to be your one and only.  While she has lived with other dogs in her foster home, Kayanne should be the only dog in her home.  She has tendencies to be somewhat dominant and go after dogs she deems to be weaker than her.  Also, she has a very high prey drive, so she cannot go to a home with cats.  Kayanne enjoys chasing cats.  While she can be redirected, she is very stubborn and persists in trying to capture any resident cats.

While mobility is an issue, Kayanne is adaptable to city life, life in the suburbs, or life in the country.  Her adopter must be cognizant of her issues with mobility, so she must be carried up and down any stairs, and some accommodations to her limited mobility must be made, such as ramps leading to and from any furniture – she loves to snooze in her foster’s bed.

Despite her limitations, Kayanne has a huge heart and wants nothing more than to love, and give love to her person.  She is a very special girl and will make the best companion.  Are you that person?  If so, submit a S.N.O.R.T. adoption application today!