Kirby is eagerly waiting for his adoption applications to come pouring in so he can choose his forever home.

At just eight years-old, this handsome pug loves to be around his people — most notably his foster mom. In fact, Kirby is quite infatuated with her and his forever home must be a female only household. Kirby is definitely a ladies man and doesn’t care much for human men. Any children in his new family should be teenaged and up.

While Kirby has occasional bursts of energy and loves playtime and toys, he’s also super content to curl up in his foster mom’s lap for a good snooze. He does well on a leash and enjoys a nice stroll around the neighborhood in addition to playtime.

What else does Kirby love? Car rides! He makes a great road trip companion. And of course he loves food. In fact, he loves food so much he must be supervised around other dogs during mealtimes to avoid any sibling squabbles. Don’t worry, he doesn’t mind sharing his toys or other resources though!

Kirby is working very hard on house training. Kirby is super smart and has started to go to the door when he needs to go outside to take care of his business. He has occasionally marked inside the house, but he is great if he wears a belly band. If his foster mom is home he keeps his belly band dry but if she leaves, he is prone to mark, so this behavior may be related to some separation anxiety.

Kirby does not need someone home all day although that would obviously be his preference! He would be great to take to work and would also do well with a petsitter. A fenced-in yard is required as he tends to scoot out the door when his family arrives home.

We know there is the perfect forever home out there ready to shower Kirby with toys and snuggles and love and car rides!