Princess Leia is a lovely lady of five years who is ready to skywalk into her new forever galaxy. Leia is an energetic gal and loves to play ball and fetch sticks!  She enjoys a nice walk and walks very well on a  leash.  Once she gets her daily exercise, Leia enjoys a good butt rub and will cuddle up next to her people for a nap.

A bulldog-experienced owner would be the best match for this lady. Leia requires the common bulldog pampering — her tail pocket and ears should be cleaned regularly to prevent infection, with medicated baths as needed. She eats a special diet to keep her coat beautiful and her skin feeling great!

A bulldog through and through, Leia seems unaware of her 55-lb frame and would probably not be best around small children who could be knocked over by this playful pup. She especially loves the teenage girl in her foster home, so would be a great fit in a home with older children. Leia can be a bit uncertain around new dogs, so she would do best as an only dog or in a home with more submissive or laid back dogs who do not challenge her over toys.  

While it takes her a while to learn to trust, once given time and reassurance, Leia’s true loving personality shines through. Leia is a smart gal who listens well and takes direction from her people. She would love a home with a yard (preferably a yard with lots of sticks for her to fetch!).  Her foster parents work away from home and she does fine being left alone during the day, but when you’re home, she barks and growls to let you know she wants your full attention!

Princess Leia has filled the hearts of her foster family with love. You can’t help but smile at her expressive face and her child-like playful personality.  Her foster Mom says that if you give this girl the time to trust you she will love you with everything she has. 

If you are experienced with the unique personality traits of English Bullies and can patiently reassure this loving, playful girl, submit a SNORT adoption application for Leia today!