여보세  That’s hello in Korean! 

My name is Leo.  Yes I know….. You think I am the cutest Boston Terrier you have ever seen.  Well I am.  I am an international traveler as I was found as a stray in South Korea and made my way into SNORT’S loving arms.

I am a tiny guy – well that’s what everyone says – but I think I have the personality of a giant Lion.  It’s been said that I am ridiculously cute.  I mean was it even necessary to tell you that? 

I would love to find a forever home – or how I would to say it  영원히 – (pronounced yeong-wonhi) – to call my very own. 

I haven’t been around kids in my foster home but have met some of these little ones on the street and I don’t seem to mind a polite one or two. Now I wouldn’t do well in a home with smaller pets such as hamsters and gerbils and probably not cats as my instinct is to chase. I am a lion after all. 

I really, really enjoy being with my foster sister, a gorgeous black pug of distinction (she told me to write that) so I think I would love the company of another dog or two.  Someone to play and snuggle with.

I do not like cold weather.  So I will need you to keep up with a wardrobe of t-shirts in the house and sweaters or coats outside whenever it gets chilly.  I am a fashion fixer upper according to my foster sister.

Now my foster family wants to chime in:

At home Leo has a sweet and mellow personality. He has short, energetic periods of play/activity followed by sleep. He sleeps well, and snores loudly. He likes to sleep in and has to be woken up in the morning.  

Leo’s ideal match will be a family with brachy dog experience. Leo has extremely small nostrils and sometimes breathes out of his mouth. He may benefit from nares and palate surgery and his new owner should discuss with their vet if it should be done in the future. He also has luxating patellas on both sides, which will have to be monitored. 

Leo has an extremely strong prey drive. On walks, he focuses on chasing birds and squirrels or leaves/bags that he thinks are birds/squirrels. He is not able to be distracted once he is focused on a target. He must have a home with a very secure yard that he cannot get out of if he is chasing a bird. Chasing things sometimes takes precedence over going to the bathroom, which has resulted in some accidents. Leo is not fully housebroken but he’s working on it. He will do best on a regular routine in a home with a yard where he can go out frequently. He does not  need anyone home all day but because he is still working on his bathroom skills, he should be taken out every 4-6 hours. 

Leo would be fine with a single person or a family. He would probably be OK as an only dog; however, he does love to play so a playful dog would be a good companion for Leo.  He would probably be fine with kids, though when playing he will play bite, so kids will need to be taught to be respectful.   His favorite toys are antlers. He also like to chew on soft toys and play with balls and pug eggs. 

He needs a home with a secure fenced yard and a family that is committed to working on his training with him to combat his very strong prey drive. He also needs to gain some weight, so must remain on high-quality food. He needs joint supplements and regular baths to calm his itchy skin.  He is worth every effort. Leo is a sweet, playful, cuddly little Boston Terrier.

Now back to Leo:

같이 가자, 알았지? That’s Korean for “Let’s get together, ok?”  (well I hope it is…I didn’t go to school)