Little Lizzie was found wandering the streets of Long Island before she came into rescue – a sad plight for this gem of an old lady. And gem is indeed the word.

  • House-trained? Check – as long as you take her out at regular intervals.
  • Get along with other dogs? Check – Lizzie current lives with 4 medium sized dogs and gets along with them just fine.
  • Health issues? None – she is healthy and hearty for an old girl.
  • Affectionate? Double check. Lizzie’s mission in life is to be close to, preferably besides, her human.

We haven’t “tested” this little puglet with cats or kids but our guess is, she would be just fine. She is pretty much a couch potato with an occasional burst of wanting to walk. Otherwise, she’s your Velcro dog. In sum, she is a low-maintenance, easy-peasy, loving pet and companion.

Because she is so attached to her person, we wish for a home where someone will be home with her most of the day. Or, she would be an excellent companion to take to work. Apartment, city, suburb, house, she will thrive in any environment.

Here’s what her foster Mom has to say about Lizzie: “This girl is the sweetest thing. She smiles all the time!”

If you want to help this little lady enjoy her golden years, you will, without a doubt, be the lucky one.