Hello! Please meet Prince Louis Noir Wicket of Endor, known to his kindred spirits as Louis (make sure you pronounce it as Louie – like any true aristocrat would). Louis was loved for 9 years and then a baby came. Louis was probably not a priority. It was said he bit the child who was not giving him his personal space – while near his food. In his foster home, there has been no sign of this behavior.

Louis can be skittish when first meeting people but is learning to be the most confident boy in the world. He loves his foster family and is a little jokester. He loves to wag his tail and his whole body moves in the pure joy of being loved on.

Louis likes…. belly rubs, cuddling, being included, making nests with any blanket and sleeping under covers. Louis loves to go into the back yard to explore many times a day. Louis is housebroken but was caught marking once or twice when he first came to his foster family. This has stopped.

Louis can be a bit of a barker, so he would not be good for an apartment style living and also because he wants a fenced in yard to explore.

He would enjoy the company of another dog or two as long as they are laid back and easy going. No hyper dogs for this guy.

He loves women and would prefer a home with only women. A home with no children will be necessary for Louis to thrive.

His dislikes…. being excluded in anyway. He has a slight case of separation anxiety ( from his previous home) so someone who works from home or is retired would be the ideal family as he is living in right now. Louis has no medical issues and eats a high quality dry food.

Louis doesn’t really play with toys but needs your couch to have an extra blanket so he can make himself comfortable. He sleeps in his foster moms bed but is just as happy to go into his open crate for a snooze.

Louis is a delight and after healing from a broken heart, he just wants to love and be loved. Are you his forever family?