Lucy could be the Mona Lisa of French Bulldogs. With her distinctive face and calm demeanor, this young lass is turning heads wherever she goes. Lucy resides near NYC and is just 2 years old.

Lucy, who has Epilepsy, was surrendered to a vet hospital when she developed pneumonia and her owners could no longer afford her extended care. She was on oxygen for over a week and almost died. Lucy then had surgery on her nares and palate to help her breathing and she was also spayed. During that surgery, they realized she had laryngeal collapse issues.  Her seizures were controlled with meds prior to getting pneumonia and being admitted to the hospital. The hospital did not observe any seizures in the 3 weeks she was with them.

Lucy needs medication 2 x per day at regular times for her Epilepsy. It is very important that her new owners be diligent about giving the medication with a very routine structure.

Ideally, she would love to have an owner who either works from home, or is home most of the day to monitor her condition. Additionally since she has been diagnosed with laryngeal collapse, she should avoid rigorous play or long walks in which she could get overheated. A calm household will best meet her needs. As she ages, her conditions could progress.

Described by her foster mom as loving, curious and calm, this young lady enjoys short leash walks, car rides & gets along with the two dogs in her foster home (and she especially loves playing with the shih tzu – who is about her size). Lucy also engages well with all ages of humans, is crate trained and potty trained. Miss Lucy is a true gem and was clearly a loved pet in her prior home.

Filled with sweetness, her personality more than makes up for her medical conditions.  She adores her people and will follow your every step, soon becoming your shadow. She is highly adaptable and does not require a fenced yard. Whether, city, suburb, home or apartment, this gal will do fine in just about any environment as long as she gets plenty of attention.

Baby girl’s favorite activities include lounging in bed with her people, playing with her canine fosters and sniffing out snacks! Her foster mom will tell you that Lucy is one of the best dogs she’s ever had the privilege of meeting.

If you have an understanding of brachycephalic dogs, proven experience with Epilepsy and the ability to give medication on time, for the rest of her life, complete a S.N.O.R.T. adoption application for Lucy, the Mona Lisa of French Bulldogs.