**Please note that a bite waiver will be required as part of Mario’s adoption.

Mario the Magnificent is ready, willing and able to challenge you to a masterful marathon. Test yourself against his prowess in swimming or his speed in the hundred-yard dash. Because Mario is so smart, he is currently learning tricks with his foster family and plans on earning his degree.

But when his athletic endeavors are over for the day, he becomes the perfect couch potato and wants nothing more than to cuddle at your side. Mario needs to devote himself to his people and that would best be either a single person or a dog-savvy couple who are able to deal with guarding issues. In his past life, he attached to one person in a couple and got a bit snarly with the other person. In his current foster home, that has not been an issue.

Your life will never be dull with Mario. He is unusually smart (hasn’t been tested for genius yet, but it’s safe to say he is Einstein worthy) and takes correction well. He loves to perform and is an active boy, except for when he’s cozying up with you.

Mario can become stressed easily, so we don’t want a home with children, in fact, no one younger than 18. Likewise, although he has been around other dogs for short periods, we want him in a home where he is the only (spoiled) dog. Dog parks? No way. He’s also not a candidate for walks in busy areas with lots of people and other dogs. Therefore, besides your lap, Mario’s piece of heaven is in a nice, single-family home with a fenced-in backyard in either a suburban or rural location. Even better would be one with a pool or close to swimmable water.

This active boy is totally house trained but he is not a great fan of crates. He is not fond of being locked in but if you leave the door open, he willingly finds it a secure place to curl up for a nap.  In addition to diving and swimming, Mario also loves to play fetch with his ball or a frisbee. In fact, he will fetch as long as you throw! The bottom line is that Mario is just a big mush who just wants to be someone’s best buddy.

His foster Mom says it best: “Mario is a really good boy. He may take a while to adjust to a new home, but with slow, careful adjustment, he is worth every second of it!”

If Mario’s craving for one on one adventure is in tune with your idea of fun, submit a S.N.O.R.T. adoption application today!