Mario is an extra-special, sensitive boy who yearns for that exceptional home with exceptional humans who will give him the attention and love he craves. Once he has settled in, his mission in life is to be with his humans and be a part of everything that they do. He’s a great traveler in the car and loves to accompany his people shopping, to cafes, and any dog-friendly establishment. He’s even up for an occasional brunch date.

Leap tall buildings in a single bound? Close enough. As is true of many high-energy Boston Terriers, Mario can leap very high, as well as run and play for long periods. Active, active, active – Mario loves long walks, jogging with his human, and playing with his Frisbee and ball.. but when he’s done, he is drawn to a human lap like a magnet, where he curls up after smothering you first with kisses.

Mario is not particularly fond of other dogs unless they are submissive, and any new introductions should be done VERY carefully with a gate separating the two parties. Also, be aware it might not work unless the other dog is submissive to Mario.

Mario is loaded with personality and on the score of personality and activity level, he scores high on all of the following: performer, couch potato, mischief maker, busy bee, loafer, smart and dominant with other dogs.

When he first came to his foster home, he was very timid and it took him a good three weeks to start getting comfortable. Once he does come out of his shell, he follows his human everywhere and likes you to come outside with him when he does his business in the fenced in yard (a must). He also has a preference for women and needs time to warm up to men. We also want to avoid placing him in a home with small children.

Obedience training for Mario is highly recommended, as well as an adoptive owner that has experience with Boston Terriers and obedience training. Someone who is familiar with using classical conditioning is a must. He will not do well with negatives or punishments. Mario is not a good candidate for a first-time dog owner.

Mario has his own crate, which he enjoys going into when his foster humans go to work, but closing the door leaves him feeling frustrated and insecure. Solution? Door left open, front of crate surrounded by several dog exercise pens.

Mario is a healthy boy, so his “special” needs are more emotional. He is skittish and insecure and needs a calm, patient and consistent household. He will thrive when he knows the rules and has a daily routine.

Here’s what his foster Mom says about Mario: “He really needs someone that is going to understand that he is scared when things are new and his routine changes. His new owners can’t take it personally if he shuts them out and hides at first. If given TONS of reassurance and consistency he will blossom into the BESTEST FRIEND you could have.”

Mario is SUPER!! A savvy Boston Terrier experienced dog owner will “level up” with this Super Mario!!!!!