We know, we know… Martin is the cutest Bully you’ve ever seen! Full of puppy energy, Martin is a very sweet and sensitive fellow who is looking for a family who will help him blossom into a secure and confident dog.

Before coming into SNORT, Martin was living outdoors and ate something that he shouldn’t have. His owners were unable to afford veterinary care, so after a week of vomiting and not eating, they thought it best to surrender him so he could get the care he needed.

Though Martin’s daily routine needs to include a lot of exercise and stimulation, he’s not a fan of walking long distances on a leash. He’d much rather play fetch or go to the dog park to run around. A fenced yard in the suburbs would be his dream home. Martin can jump VERY high and doesn’t know his own strength, so a home with small children would not be a good fit for him. He’s also still a baby himself and it would be best for him to be the only “child” in the family.

When you’re out with Martin, prepare to be stopped a LOT – this cutie loves the attention he gets from his adoring fans. A total people-lover, this velcro boy wants to do whatever you’re doing. Taking a shower? He’ll wait on the rug. Cooking? Martin will help!

This sweet boy will require patience and a solid routine to thrive. He’s still very much a puppy and can be timid when it comes to things he’s unfamiliar with. Doorways, loud noises and cars passing on the street all tend to startle him. He will need continued positive reinforcement, lots of treats, and an owner who can easily lift a 41 pound stubborn bulldog if need be!

Martin doesn’t like to be left behind, so he would prefer a family with someone who is home most of the day or can provide a dog walker to give him a lengthy break from his crate every couple of hours. He can be very mischievous when left to his own devices, so being crated is a must when you’re not at home. He loves his crate and he will often go in to rest even if there are other comfortable options available to him, but being left alone for an 8-10 hour work day would leave him incredibly frustrated and understimulated.

“Martin is a special, sweet and adorable boy. He spent much of his time outdoors his whole life and loves it but also likes to take things in on his own time. If you really enjoy walking your dog, Martin probably isn’t the dog who will walk far with you. If sitting on a bench and walking 1/4 to 1/2 a mile is more your speed then Martin could be a great fit. We get stopped often for how adorable he is and he really is a love bug. He’s enjoying the finer things in life now that he lives indoors!”

If you’re able to provide Martin with patience, attention and positive reinforcement, submit a SNORT adoption application today!